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Granting of Citizenship of Georgia to Foreign Citizens

According to the resolution of the President of Georgia, citizenship of Georgia can be simultaneously granted to a citizen of a foreign country, who has special merits to Georgia or granting him citizenship of Georgia is of state interests of Georgia. A person appeals to the President personally or through a consular service with an application on granting of the citizenship of Georgia 

  • Documents required:

    1. Application filled out in accordance with the established form;
    2. Photo 3×4 in size;
    3. Receipt certifying the payment of service fee;

    Also, additionally:

    1. A copy of birth certificate (if an applicant for Georgian citizenship was born abroad and has this document), whilst in case of granting citizenship of Georgia to a minor – a copy of birth certificate and a written consent of his/her legal representative;
    2. A passport or other document certifying his/her citizenship and identity;
    3. At least two reference letters from Georgian citizens or legal persons registered in Georgia, concerning the award of Georgian citizenship to a citizen of a foreign country.

    An issue of citizenship of a minor or incapable person is considered on the basis of application of their legal representative.

    An application for the citizenship of a minor aged 14 – 18, submitted by a legal representative, shall be enclosed with a written consent of a minor and another parent (if applicable). A minor is not required to provide a consent if he/she is an incapable person.

    An application and mentioned documents must be in Georgian. Documents drawn up in other language are accepted provided they are enclosed with a duly certified Georgian translation.

    A written application for citizenship and relevant documents may be submitted in person or by means of authorized person.

    Terms and Fees of service       

  • 170 USD - Service fees 



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