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Inauguration of the Canadian-Georgian Chamber of Commerce in Winnipeg, Manitoba

On January 21, 2022 the Georgian Ambassador to Canada Konstantin Kavtaradze paid a visit to Winnipeg, province of Manitoba where he took part in the inauguration ceremony of the Canadian-Georgian Chamber of Commerce.

Given the potential of trade and economic cooperation with Canada, the work on the establishment of bilateral chamber of commerce began in 2017. It became necessary to create a non-governmental structure that would work closely with the Embassy and serve as an additional source of information for local businesses. The issue has become even more relevant since 2018 when the negotiations on Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (FIPA) between Canada and Georgia started, while the Embassy continued to work with Canadian businesses to get them interested in the Georgian market.

The idea was successfully materialized by a dual Canadian & Georgian citizen Dr. David Iremadze who has been an active member of the entrepreneurial and academic communities in both countries over the last two decades. Currently he is the Director of Buller School of Business & Associate Professor of Business at the Providence University College in Manitoba.

On October 27, 2021 he founded the Canadian-Georgian Chamber of Commerce (CGCC) in Winnipeg and became the founding Pro Bono President/CEO of the CGCC. The inauguration of the CGCC took place in the historic building of Manitoba Club located in the center of Winnipeg. The event was attended by the representatives of the provincial government, private sector and academic circles. Mr. Andrew Smith, Minister of Sport, Culture and Heritage of Manitoba also attended the event.

The audience was addressed by the President of the Chamber, Dr. David Iremadze, the President of the Providence University College & Theological Seminary Dr. Kenton Anderson and a Manitoban entrepreneur and a Founding Partner of TTJTourism Mr. Max Johnson who has been doing business in Georgia for over fifteen years.

The Ambassador gave a presentation about the history of Georgia, culture, traditions, country’s business and investment opportunities and tourism potential. He also spoke about Georgian footprints in Canada, Georgian Euro-Atlantic aspirations, the reforms of the Government of Georgia and the history of Georgian winery.

The President of the CGCC Dr. David Iremadze awarded the Ambassador with an honorary award for his contribution to the foundation of the Canadian-Georgian Chamber of Commerce.