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Information on the Authentication of Documents – Legalization

Any document (civil acts, birth certificate, company registration document, Power of Attorney, etc.) issued in any Foreign State needs authentication by Apostille or relevant legalization procedure in order for that document to have legal validity in Georgia.

The Document issued by the Member-States of the Hague Convention on Abolishing the Requirement for Legalization for Foreign Public Documents (Apostille Convention) must be authenticated with an Apostille Certificate and no further legalization or Embassy Certification is needed.

To view the list of contracting States to Hague Convention, please, see the following link:

The Government of Canada is not a party to The Hague Apostille Convention. Thus, Georgian documents for use in Canada and Canadian documents for use in Georgia must be legalized by the appropriate Canadian and Georgian authorities before they will be accepted.

Canadian documents must be authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada (Authentication and Service of Documents Section (JLAC)Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada ,125 Sussex Drive, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1A 0G2)  and before their use in Georgia, should be legalized by the Embassy of Georgia.

Legalization Procedures:

According to the new regulations, legalization applications should be filled-in only on-line ( by a foreign applicant or by his/her legal representative.

Submitting e-application is necessary for scheduling a visit to consular office (

Required documents:

  • Fully filled-in application form for the legalization of the documents;
  • Certified original documents;
  • Copy of ID or Passport of the applicant;
  • Receipt certifying that the legalization fee has been paid.

 PLESE NOTE, All Relevant Documents should be Uploaded in the E-Application System.

The fee for the Legalization of a single document is CAD 21 (until 01.01.2024) Check fees and fee waiver at:

The Legalization fee should be paid in favour of the Embassy of Georgia using the following Bank Details:

Account number: 400060020289612


"Money order" payable To-"The Embassy of Georgia"

Please Note: If payment for the Consular Service is not done fully (including relevant bank charges), the Embassy won’t be able to proceed with application.